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Marcia Coeljo and Filipe De Sousa's Honeymoon Registry

The Islands of the Bahamas


Eco-tours Contribution

Eco-tours Contribution

A range of eco-tours across the islands feature the rich biodiversity of The Bahamas. We will travel to the caves where Arawak Indians lived before Columbus or the wetlands and coppice forest where rare animals, wild birds and exotic orchids and plant life reside. Whether riding on horseback or hiking on foot trails, a different side of The Bahamas is revealed on eco-tours. With so many different options, we will choose a tour that will ensure unforgettable honeymoon memories!

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Dolphin and Shark Encounters Contribution

Dolphin and Shark Encounters Contribution

Dolphin and Shark Encounters on our honeymoon in paradise promises us an unforgettable experience! These are some of the most popular diving experiences in The Bahamas. Nowhere else can we find more opportunities to swim with these marine mammals, in the open ocean or inside a marine mammal facility. Dolphins are not the only big animals in The Bahamas. A shark dive also offers the most thrilling 45 minutes we will ever spend underwater.

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Historical Tours Contribution

Historical Tours Contribution

The Islands of The Bahamas promise us an array of exciting tours that showcase the historical aspects of these pristine islands. We will visit sites like caves, forts, lighthouses, old churches, monuments, plantations, and slave ruins throughout the area. The experienced, knowledgeable guides will provide background information so we can learn about the history of The Bahamas!

registry_cart_item_3229872 Historical Tours Contribution

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