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Savannah & Anthony
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Our Honeymoon

Welcome to our wedding website! We are so thrilled to be able to share with you all the information about "us" and the details of our wedding and honeymoon. We are so blessed to have our amazing friends and family in our lives and look forward to sharing our special day with you as we start our new lives together. Please visit our website often as we will add additional details and information in the coming months!

When we met just a few years ago, we started out as two friends who enjoyed all the same things. As time went on, we realized we were more than just friends and our feelings turned into love. The great thing is we will always be best friends and we think that is the most important asset before getting married

We are looking forward to our wedding ceremony and with all who will be attending, we are happy to share the many wonderful moments of our special day with you! Our ceremony will be unique yet traditional so we will be excited to have you all right there with us. Together we will experience pure happiness as we exchange everlasting vows in the company of our friends and family!

We are counting the days until our honeymoon. With your generosity we will experience the honeymoon that we have always envisioned for ourselves. You have made this possible and we are so thankful. Our Dear Friends and Family, we love you so much!